Celebrating our 2021 Summer Juried Exhibit

This summer 140 works of art were submitted to the Huron River Art Collective for our 2021 Summer Juried Exhibit. Our esteemed juror, Vianna Szabo, P.S.A. IAPS EP P.S.W.C DP, was asked to select 50 of those works to include in this online exhibit. From the 50 works, she selected 4 honorable mentions as well as first, second, and third place awards. The show was available on our website through August 30th, 2021.

During our reception, via Zoom, Vianna highlighted the variety of artwork submitted. 

“What I really enjoyed about the images that came was that they were very diverse. There was sculpture, there was weaving, there were a lot of beautiful paintings, beautiful photography. And, every artist has their own voice.”

Today we want to celebrate the diversity of work in the Collective and share the works selected with you. In addition to the slideshow below, we posted selected works on our Facebook page and Instagram account. We are also sharing the very informative reception, which was recorded on zoom.

Congratulation to our award winners and honorable mentions:

First Place Award: Always Ready, 12.5 x 36″ oil on panel by Debra Keirce

Second Place Award: Blue Manitou, 24×12″ Acrylic on stretched canvas by Carrie Hensel

Third Place Award: The End is Near, 22inx 33in” Watercolor, Black Gesso, and Colored Pencil by Tina Hotchkiss

Honorable Mentions:

Bob Palmerton, Mary Lewison, Brittany Roden, and Pam Lindberg

Submissions are open for our 2021 Fall Juried Exhibit. Click HERE for more information about all of our exhibit opportunities.

Vianna was so kind to speak a bit about each artwork juried into the exhibit. To watch the reception, click HERE.

Looks like 2021 has begun with a bang

How do we respond as artists to all this craziness swirling around us?

Artists are the ones who make interpretations of the world, although not in the same way as journalists. Some of us will provide calm beauty to help soothe the anxiety. Others will express the stresses, madness, loneliness, loss or divisions we are experiencing, giving some reassurance that we’re not alone. Still others will add to the clarion calls for a better world for ourselves and our children. All are much needed.

Maybe you’ve experienced a kind of artist’s block – with deadline after deadline of interesting and normally inspiring calls for art slipping by without applying, while your workspace gathers dust? You’re not alone in that, either.

Art by Our January Speaker, Barbara Melnik Carson

In the end, community is the most important resource for getting us through all this. Huron River Art Collective isn’t a huge, well resourced institution or a stone clad building with columns. It’s really about us, the artists supporting each other, talking together, learning, being surprised, laughing… This is the project we’re engaged in.

Empowering Women Artists  –  NEW! The first of our discussion series this Tuesday, Jan 12th.  An informal conversation will be based around “What Does Art Have to Do With the Coronavirus?

ArtShare – Let’s Talk Photography – Speaker: Joseph Lee. Whether you’re an amateur, professional, hobbyist, or enthusiast, all are welcome to join the conversation on all things photography. Wednesday January 13th, 06:00 PM – 7:00 PM. We also look forward to Joe Lee sharing more about his life and photography as our Speaker Series presenter in March! This event is for members only –

Speaker Series: Sculptor Barbara Melnik Carson. Monday, Jan 18th. Don’t miss out – this one is proving very popular!

Our big focus at the start of 2021 is to build out a calendar full of interesting, inspiring, informative and fun opportunities for our members and friends. If this sparks a thought, or if there’s an idea you’ve been mulling over for a while for a talk, a workshop, a critique group, a social event, a Grand Scheme – get in touch. Don’t worry if you’ve been avoiding Zoom, or you’re not sure who might be interested. Don’t worry that you’re too young/old/unskilled/unknown/short or any other reasons you might dream up not to send an email or pick up the phone!

Send us your questions, comments, thoughts about your art making experience in the last several months, your hopes or intentions for the future, etc. 

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Sophie Grillet, Communications Chair | sophiegrillet at gmail