Happy New Year! 2022 Email from the President

This post was first shared with our membership by email on January 4, 2022 from Lizzy Wilson, Huron River Art Collective President.

Happy New Year!

The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.
 – Friedrich Nietzsche

I want to express my deep gratitude for you as a member of Huron River Art Collective. I thank you for participating in the decision-making and being patient as we continue to work through major changes during this time of Covid and much transition as an organization. You are the heart of this organization and key to building a supportive community for artists and the arts.

Especially, I want to thank our volunteer board of directors and committee members who have gone above and beyond, yet again, this past year. They have put so much time and energy, working in the background on infrastructure needs and adapting to overcome the obstacles of Covid this past year while continuing to provide and even expand educational, exhibition, and member social and networking opportunities. This year we have worked on improving our use of technologies, along with training volunteers, members, and guests to engage virtually so we could continue our Speaker Series, Empowering Women Artists program, ArtShare events, Critiques, as well as our board meetings. 

We also have taken a serious look at our sustainability as an organization and what is needed to assure the Collective continues to meet with its mission to support artists into the future. One outcome of this work is that we terminated the lease in our current space and are preparing to sign a contract to lease Trust Arts gallery space just down the road from our previous space. The lease is to begin February 1, 2022. January and February will be busy with the move. Our expectation is that by April we will be hosting events in our new space.

All of these changes we have seen in the past year are being driven by membership interest and guided by our mission and values. This coming year, if you have not yet done so, I hope you will jump in and get involved to help to make the Collective even better in 2022! 

Lizzy Wilson
Huron River Art Collective President

Our Values

Personal honesty, integrity and respect in our work as a board, membership, and community members

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in leadership, membership, and community engagement

Passion for teaching, learning, creativity, innovation, and sharing

Collaborative community approach connecting members and collaborating



Our mission is to provide an inclusive and supportive environment for a diverse community of artists to share knowledge and opportunities that promote individual excellence, collaboration, inspire new creative perspectives, and offer engagement with the public to foster participation, appreciation, and support of the arts.

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