It takes two to tango!

Artists! Our new Huron River Art Collective website is at this very moment under construction! But, without you, it’s nothing (sheds tear).

But seriously, we do need pictures of you all doing all the cool stuff you do, so please send us some. Had a laugh at a Fall mixer or Holiday party in the past two or three years? Snapped a fellow artist working on a plein air? Did you take a pic of visitors at your Open Studio? Did a student immortalize you teaching an art class? Has a spouse or offspring captured you in a moment of creation? How about at a show Opening, or your Art Fair booth? Screenshot of Zoom Book Group (cheers!)? Don’t let those pixels just loiter aimlessly in the Cloud!

One reason for the new website is to attract new members, and to make our organization more open and diverse in every way. So if you feel like there aren’t yet very many members like you – then all the more reason to send us your photos.

Sophie Grillet’s Open Studio 2019

Bearing in mind that not every photographic record is bright, color-balanced and beautifully cropped – do we have a photographer out there who will step up and do a few basic edits to make them website-ready? Reward is huge appreciation and air kisses from the Board member of your choice (disclaimer blah, blah).

Studio Visitors during Westside Art Hop – They were asked if it was ok to share this photo.

Click HERE to view photo upload form, and upload your pictures. Please note, you will need to give permission for the use of the photos, including checking with anyone in them that they’re ok with Huron River Art Collective using their image.

Thank you!

— Sophie Grillet, Communications Chair

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