Cancellation of AAWA Events

Updated on 5.1.2020

Greetings Members~

In order to protect our AAWA community we are continuing to put our public events on hold.

Among the events that have been cancelled in response to the Covid-19 pandemic are the upcoming AAWA membership meeting on May 3 and the field trip which would have taken place next month.

The AAWA Spring Juried show was suspended because the of social distancing guidelines. You can now view the show with the juried results on this website.

All of our social events and classes have been temporarily suspended and we are busy working on some digital alternatives. Online critiques will be opening soon. Learn more Virtual Critiques Blog Post. Programs may also be available online if deemed necessary.

Please bear with us as we work through the rescheduling of our programs and events for the upcoming season. We are hoping to put out a tentative schedule for the fall of 2020. These events will of course be subject to the pandemic rules and guidelines as we go forward. We will keep you updated through the website and the AAWA email newsletters.

Please stay well and I look forward to gathering again for the purpose of Art when we can do so safely.

Patricia Davenport
AAWA President

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